Ever since it was aired on Sex & the City back in 1998 the rabbit vibrator has been extremely popular. One of the first rabbit vibrators was designed and created by USA based company California Exotics. To this day the bunny keeps its original design been the clitoral stimulator rabbit ears and jelly coated beaded shaft. The additional fashionable designed rabbit vibrators have since added rotating, thrusting, multi-speed vibrating shafts and are usually made of prime quality silicone materials.

If you are new to sex toys and specifically rabbit vibrators the massive range of various varieties, sizes, materials and brands to decide on, may be overwhelming. Here at Love Toy Shopper, we try to make your choice easier.


The Stimulator

The rabbit or bunny attached to the shaft of the vibrator is essentially a vibrating clitoral stimulator. Rabbits are the most popular choice when looking for a clitoral stimulator, alternative designs within the shape of dolphins, butterflies and believe it or not even beavers (excuse the cliché) are offered each one with their own distinctive shape. The shaft of the vibrator is meant for internal stimulation whilst the clitoral stimulator is intended to sit atop the clitoris, delivering the specified level of clitoral stimulation.

When comparing the rabbit with the beaver, dolphin, butterfly or alternative designs, it’s strictly cosmetic. The principal of the vibrator doesn’t differ with styling.

Standard Rabbit Vibrators

The majority of rabbit vibrators can have an insertable shaft length of 5-6 inches with a girth of 1.5 inches. Though it’s wise to see the product size specification before buying, the quality rabbit vibrator can have 2 motors, 1 within the attached clitoral stimulator and 1 within the main shaft. This allows the user to regulate the vibration levels separately, i.e. some women may like a touch lightweight clitoral vibration with intense internal sensations or otherwise. The shaft will usually rotate which offers an intense user experience. This level of management makes the rabbit vibrator the best play-mate

Mini Rabbit vibrators

The mini rabbit vibrator is a perfect sex toy for women who are uncomfortable with large vibrators or just beginning to experiment for the first time. The insertable length maybe no bigger than 4 inches long and for those new the world of sex toys, the mini rabbit vibrators are less intimidating than their bigger brothers.

Although they are designed very similar to their bigger brothers, within standard size, because of their smaller size the shaft doesn’t rotate and the vibrators are limited as they have only 1 motor.

Thrusting Rabbit Vibrators (up and down action)

Thrusting rabbit vibrators or thrusters (as they are more commonly known as) are vibrators with a moving shaft that moves up and down. Not only can they thrust up and down the shaft can also rotate and vibrate like the features that found within the standard model. The trust action in these vibrators mimics the thrust experienced with penetrative sex. The thrust action  controlled from the vibrators control panel; the speed of the thrust varies depending on the individual

Triple Stimulator Rabbit Vibrator

The Triple Stimulator rabbit vibrator is a regular model with the added string of tapered beads coated around the shaft, this is in addition to the clitoral stimulator or rabbit ears. This kind of vibrator  designed so that you can stimulate the vagina, anus or the clitoris separately

Other concerns once buying A Rabbit Vibrator

Sizes and Shapes

Rabbit Vibrators available in many different shapes and sizes and designed to suit all different users and their desires. When shopping for one you should have an idea of the size that suits you best. If you have used sex toys before you’ll have some idea of what size and form best suits, whether or not you enjoy the clitoral, anal or vaginal stimulation and to what extent you would use it. If you are new to sex toys you will not have that luxury, therefore, you should maybe begin with an inexpensive standard to

medium sized vibrator to start you off with on your journey. The last thing you want is to get a luxury rabbit vibrator and notice that it’s not suitable for you and your needs.

Everyone’s body differs what is comfortable and enjoyable for some may not be for others. You may have to try out many different shapes and sizes to find the one that is best for you.

Rabbit Vibrator Material concerns

With the Rabbit been the most preferred sex toy on the market, there is a lot of variety available and are produced differently. The more common materials include TPR, TPE, and silicone. Better know manufacturers currently use quality silicone for the ultimate feel.

Silicone high quality in touch and feel,  hypoallergenic and considered to be soft to touch. Even though a vibrator might have a silicone finish the standard of the silicone could differ. A less expensive vibrator might have a lesser quality silicone compared to the more expensive vibrator.

One of the most significant issues to bear in mind when shopping for a sex toy is to ensure the materials used are Phthalate Free. Several of the more popular brands are Phthalate free, bacterial resistant material, however, some cheaper brands are not phthalate free and we tend not to stock them.

Motors and Vibrations

Simply put, the more motors you have the more powerful and versatile the rabbit vibrator will be. You will also feel more enjoyable and pleasurable vibrations to the targeted areas. The more expensive and luxurious the toy you will find that these have more motors. Standard rabbits normally have 2 motors while the smaller rabbits have 1. We would always recommend a 2 motor vibrator for best results.

Vibration Modes

Speed and Power – The speed settings usually situated at the bottom of the vibrator for ease of control. You can control the vibration speed and intensity. Move between the speeds to hype up the vibrations and decide on the speed that can deliver the results that you desire. You can also manage the power of the vibrations so that you can enjoy strong intense sensations.

Vibration Patterns

Everyone enjoys variety so it is a good idea that your rabbit vibrator has choices to suit your mood. The more vibration patterns you have the more pleasure you will receive

Rechargeable or Battery Operated

Another factor to consider when choosing a rabbit, how it powered. This can be either by battery or rechargeable. We would recommend that if you a beginner opt for a less expensive cost-effective battery powered one. Once you get the feel for it and are a comfortable trade up to a rechargeable one. And enjoy more powerful vibrations. A rechargeable sex toy usually is more expensive but are more fun and can deliver stronger vibrations.

Waterproof or Splash proof

Vibrators can be 100% waterproof thus allowing you to take it into the shower. Or bath for some extra steamy fun. Be aware that some, only splash proof meaning that they not submerged in water. But used around or near water and with water-based lubricant. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions to verify this.