This Thrill Me gel is the perfect choice for women to add some extra sensitivity while you build an orgasm. It can be used during solo play, intercourse or foreplay. Made with just the right ingredients to help heighten sensitivity, you will be amazed at the pleasure and enjoyment that you feel while and after using this gel. Apply to your most sensitive areas to experience hip shaking tingles while giving you warm and euphoric sensations. This also acts as a lubricate and has no fragrance leaving you feeling happily satisfied. To use add a little gel to your external areas around the clitoris add some more if you desire but you will know what feels comfortable to you. A small amount is only required to help with the sensitivity, use as often as you desire.

  • Can be used as frequently as you like
  • Heightens sensitivity around the clitoris
  • Enjoy tingly sensations
  • Can also be used as a lubricant
  • Made especially for Women