This Classic Prostate Stimulator is perfect for you to reach a mind blowing and explosive orgasm as it is cleverly curved for P-spot stimulation. You can use this solely to reach orgasm or as part foreplay to get you hot and bothered before you lose your mind with pleasure. Men often compare the prostate to a woman’s g-spot. With Prostate stimulation you can have a more powerful and dynamic orgasm. When using a prostate stimulator always use plenty of water based lubricant. Apply a generous amount to help it slide in easily. The curved shaft is designed to massage the prostate making you all tingly with arousal. The shaft is ribbed for extra pleasure to help you reach new and amazing heights. It is 4” in length which is sure to please every user. You will notice the round handle at the base which is there to ensure it can be released safe and easily. It is also waterproof so that you can use it anywhere you like. This is also perfect to use if you are a beginner to anal play.

  • Cleverly curved for P-spot stimulation
  • Ribbed for extra pleasure
  • Handle to ensure safe removal
  • Achieve more powerful orgasms
  • Safe to use with water based lubricant
  • Great for beginners

Circumference: 4″ – 101.6mm
Diameter: 1.5″ – 38.1mm
Insertable Length: 4″ – 101.6mm
Length: 4.5″ – 114.3mm
Waterproof: Yes