Pillow Talk is a collection that expresses beauty, fun and power. Cheeky effortlessly embodies each of these traits in a luxurious wand you’ll want to take to bed night after night. Every meticulously designed feature has been made for your enjoyment.
The handle provides a padded cushion texture, which is both for comfort and grip, while you control everything using a dazzling Swarovski crystal button.
When you are done with Pillow Talk, simply plug it in to charge with the included USB charging cord so it is ready the next time you are.
Get Cheeky with Pillow Talk!
  • Compact Powerful Wand
  • Travel Lock
  • Luxurious feel and look
  • Makes a great present
Length 8 inches
Head 2 inches

Battery: Lithium 600mAh

Run Time: Up to 1.5 hours

Vibrating Frequency: 7500 RP