• 4-piece anal eroticism set for beginners and fans
  • High-quality products from Black Velvets
  • 1 x douche + 3 plugs in different sizes
  • Plugs with a decorative gem


Douche and plug trio for anal pleasure!
4 high-quality toys in a box:
1 x anal douche for, preparation, cleaning and wonderful squirting feelings. 16.6 cm large, insertion length 5.5 cm, tube Ø 0.7 to 0.9 cm, liquid capacity 224 ml.
3 x butt plugs in different sizes for stretching and training. Each plug has a gem on the stopper which is perfect for decorating the back door.
Small plug: complete length 7 cm, insertion length 6 cm, Ø max. 2.7 cm, weight 25 g.
Medium plug: complete length 8 cm, insertion length 7 cm, Ø max. 3.5 cm, weighs 44 g.
Large plug: complete length 9.5 cm, insertion length 8.5 cm, Ø max. 4.2 cm, weighs 75 g.

Silicone, PU, ABS, acrylic.


Material:Silikon, PU, ABS


Weight:320 g