Beginners Guide to Vibrators 

With all the great inventions over the years Planes, Trains, Automobiles etc….  I would have to say that Vibrators is up there with the best!  While sex toys especially vibrating ones might not be on top of everyone’s list it is hard not to get excited of what joy they bring to our lives.  A lot of people would agree that they have benefited in more ways than one by having a Vibrator in their life.  They not only use them to spice up their sex life with a partner, but they can also use it for their own enjoyment without having to share with anyone else.

Exploring the world of Vibrators is fun but always remember that there are many different types, and you need to decide which one is the best to suit your needs.

Think about what kind of stimulation you like! 

Firstly, you need to think of what stimulation you are interested in or what you would like to try.  Do you want internal or external vibrations?  Something to use for G-Spot or clitoral stimulation? Will it be suitable for both you and your partner?  What level of intensity suits you or would you like?  The questions are endless however they are very important as these answers will help you decided on what type of Vibrator to buy.

Quite a lot of Vibrators are designed for Clitoral stimulation, but they also have multipurpose uses.  Men and Woman can appreciate the buzz these toys give when they are used in the right places.  Turn up the speed for a strong and intense orgasm. Use it on a low speed to enjoy a longer sensual experience.

Some more practical questions to ask yourself and to consider would be does it make noise?  With technology been so advanced these days a lot of the toys are much quieter.  Also, you need to ask, what type of power source would be best for you?  Vibrators are available in three versions, battery operated, plugin and rechargeable however they all have advances and disadvantages.   Battery powered ones are good and reliable, but you might find yourself in a bad spot if the batteries run out halfway through a session and you can’t find the spares.  Plugins are amazing yet not very convenient if the power outlet is too far away and the lead is just not long enough.  Lastly the rechargeable ones are great, but they might take way too long to repower, or they might go dead during your session leaving you high and dry!

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